What's for Lunch - Wednesday, February 13th

Latin-Style Diced Chicken
Chicken Caesar Wrap
Rice and Pinto Beans
Romaine Salad w/Ranch Dressing
Orange Wedges

The chicken is from Tyson. It is described as "1/2" diced chicken meat" and as "boneless, skinless, and fully cooked." It is chicken breast.

The chicken caesar wrap is also made with Tyson chicken and I don't think the wrap is whole grain. 

We usually serve brown (whole grain) rice but in our facilities we cannot cook it per current recommendations to rinse repeatedly and boil in excess water which should be drained (like pasta) to remove as much arsenic as possible. Pinto beans are canned.

Ranch dressing is an organic full-fat ranch from Chelten.

Fresh oranges.

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