What's for Lunch - Tuesday, February 26th

Farm fresh beef as sampled last year

Cup of Soup
Hamburger or Cheeseburger
Lettuce & Tomato Toppings
Roasted Potato Wedges
Sweet Corn Cobbettes
Raisin Cup

Still no Salad Bar.

After much work, discussion and research, our district has discontinued the use of most USDA commodity beef for a variety of health reasons and contracted with a New York State farm to provide beef raised without antibiotics and hormones. It is more expensive and there is less beef on the menu as a result but it is a huge improvement in the quality of our lunches. So, enjoy your hamburger on a whole grain bun.

The soup is Minestrone - 620mg of sodium. INGREDIENTS: Water, Tomatoes (Tomatoes, Tomato Puree, Salt, Calcium Chloride, Citric Acid), Great Northern Beans, Carrots, Onions, Yellow Squash, Zucchini Squash, Green Beans, Vegetable Base (Sauteed Vegetables [Carrots, Celery, Onions, Corn Oil], Sugar, Maltodextrin, Salt, Corn Starch, Yeast Extract), Pasta (Wheat, Egg White, Glycerol Monostearate, Niacin, Iron, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Romano Cheese (Sheep's Milk, Cheese Culture, Salt, Rennet), Olive Oil, Garlic, Modified Corn Starch, Salt, Parley and Spice.

The potatoes are a frozen potato product from McCain's. Corn is also a frozen 1/2 cob.

Raisins are domestic

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